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Reduced, concentrated, reconceived engineering - that is the innovative OMLED technology.

Minimalistic and androgynous: techophile and organic.

Digital, smart and wise. We go beyond what is technologically possible to look at what people need.

The novelty of OMLED technology

OMLED One is the first lighting family worldwide that uses the pioneering OLED. The organic light-emitting diode combines many ecological and economical advantages. The illuminant is made up of thin layers of organic semi-conductive materials placed between two conductive layers. The organic layers emit light as long as electricity flows.


Electronics on glass

For the manufacturing of our lighting family OMLED One we rely on a completely new technology within the lighting industry. The luminaire’s case is circuit board and control element in one and made of glass. We have achieved this by way of a novel manufacturing process developed and patented in Germany. For this, conducting paths, electronic elements, contacts and a circuit for dimming the light are integrated onto the high-quality white glass. Thus, a conventional circuit board becomes unnecessary and the luminaire’s panel thickness can be considerably reduced.

Made in Germany

All components of our luminaires are made in Germany. As a material, glass plays an essential role. It is one of the oldest basic materials of humankind and has been in use continuously for many millennia. With an almost infinite life span and produced from natural resources that are accessible in nature in unlimited measures, it offers endless application possibilities. For us, glass, with its wonderful and versatile character traits, is the perfect material for a high-grade light medium while taking over the functions of a circuit board with integrated user interface and enabling a sustainable and environmentally compatible manufacturing.

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