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The OLED luminaire family.

OMLED One is our expressive first family composed of floor, table, desk as well as suspension lamp, standing out through their minimalistic alignment. Their amazing light turns rooms into spaces with atmosphere. The outstanding light quality of the individual luminaires is unique, as OMLED One is the first luminaire family worldwide that completely banks on OLED illuminants.


OLED Table lamp OMLED One t2

polished refelective

white glass

available in two colors







Satinised white glass.

Serves as a light carrier and ensures the soft appearance of the light surface.

OLED modules.

Take care of the pleasant, glare-free light.

Printed glass.

The backside, made of white or black printed glass, is PCB, control panel and contains all electronic components and contacts for the OLED modules at the same time.


Through a minimalist design and the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, we reduce the technical components to the absolutely necessary. 

The patented, modularly constructed system of the OMLED One product family enables the variable use of one light head for different models. The in-house developed solution for contacting the individual OLED modules in the inside of the luminaire makes it possible to exchange each module individually.

The luminaire family

Suspension lamps | OMLED One Suspension

Floating like a light surface in a room. 
Its clear and glare-free light is perfectly suited for stimulating conversations in a comfortable atmosphere.

Floor lamps | OMLED One Floor

Through the light’s vertical alignment, the OMLED One floor lamps facilitate 
accentuating a space atmospherically.

Desk lamps | OMLED One Desk

Its clear and glare-free light supports a comfortable working atmosphere in front of a screen or paper.

Table lamps | OMLED One Table

Placed next to a bed, on a small table or in a shelf – the lamp turns even small spaces into great rooms.

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