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BASF partners with EMDE GmbH to bring innovative LED Sunvue® technology to the European market

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

BASF signed a distribution agreement with EMDE Development of Light (EMDE), one of the most innovative lighting design companies in Europe.  Under the agreement, EMDE will distribute BASF’s innovative LED Sunvue® lighting products in Europe. In addition, the lighting company will adopt BASF’s color conversion technology to design new lighting products and solutions.

From the left: Dr. Lothar Laupichler, Senior Vice President of BASF's Global Electronic Materials Business, founder and lighting artist Thomas Emde of EMDE, and Julian Proelss, Managing Director of Rolic Technologies Ltd.

Numerous studies have shown that the blue LED light can be harmful to health. It hurts our eyes causing retinal damage and it also disturbs our sleep as blue LED light suppresses the production of the hormone melatonin, which is important for healthy and restful sleep.

The Sunvue® technology developed and patented by BASF solves these problems. "BASF's Sunvue® technology represents a paradigm shift in LED lighting. The technology offers an energy-efficient, bright and comfortable lighting solution which is close to natural sunlight," says Lothar Laupichler, Senior Vice President of BASF's Global Electronic Materials Business. Based on an organic light conversion material, it is possible to change the light of conventional LEDs and adapt it optimally for different applications. This allows light waves to be selectively shifted without negatively affecting efficiency, as is the case with conventional filtering of unwanted light.

EMDE’s founder, renowned lighting artist Thomas Emde, is enthusiastic about the possibilities that the Sunvue® technology offers. Together with his team and BASF's experts, he is working on creating a new brand to offer healthy and sustainable lighting products to customers.

"The effect on human health and the sustainable use of light as a valuable resource are the focuses of our work. Working hand in hand with BASF, we are proud to bring these innovative Sunvue® lighting products to customers in Europe," comments Thomas Emde.

Sunvue® was first launched as BASF’s own brand in Taiwan, China, in early 2018. Its products include light bulbs, tubes and table lamps. Since November 2018, Sunvue® products have been available in Mainland China through e-commerce platforms such as JD and TMall.



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