Good, people-friendly lighting


In the beginning was the fire – now, there is light and glass: we have reconceived lighting. A light that shines, but doesn't blind: lucent, bright, comfortable. A light in which people enjoy sitting together, feel snug, feel at home. A light that leaves no toxic waste in its wake, like the wood of long ago that simply burnt away.



Our product families


The good thing about OMLED


OMLED products



We develop products that light right! Not with as much light as possible, but with good light: responsible luminosity for people who care. The beauty of the design is not just the light it emits, but that the consequent form is truly the best solution for the product.

OMLED OLED technology



Honed, clearly focused, and state-of-the-art engineering – the perfect description of OMLED technology. It is minimalistic and androgynous; technophile and organic. Digital, smart and wise: we go beyond what is technologically possible to look at what people need.

OMLED glass production



In our production, we use a new technology that is revolutionary within the field of lamps and lighting. Developed in Germany, our patented process merges the circuitry, control elements, and optics into the glass housing of the light itself.




Art and light art, local, regional and international – our past from which we draw our inspiration. At the fireside think tank, we're the developers who still see the trees. We combine that which serves humanity: creativity, technical knowledge, a sense of design, and love of mankind.