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Unity of light and material

Our luminaries are characterised by ultimate purism and the way they combine light and material. Their high-quality satin-finished white glass acts as a “light medium” lending them an almost floating appearance.


OMLED One f5 OLED floorlamp


Light for atmospheric illumination

By using the OLED's pure, clear and very natural light, we are able to achieve a precise colour rendering. Through the luminaire’s glare-free and homogenous lighting they can be used as excellent reading lamps or to atmospherically accentuate spaces.


conductive suspension OMLED One suspension


New technology,
minimalistic composition

We place emphasis on a completely new technology in the lighting industry for our manufacturing. Through a procedure developed and patented in Germany, our luminaire's case – made of glass – acts both as circuit board as well as control element.


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OMLED One Touch


Intuitive & discreet

An unobtrusive touch dimmer integrated into the cover glass' surface offers an intuitive controller for continuously adjusting the brightness or switching the light on or off.

OMLED One Coverglas, OLEDs, Deckglas

Composition & Exchange

Our patented system allows the use of the same luminaire head as a module for many different lamps. One can also easily exchange individual OLED modules on the inside of the luminaire.

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