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OMLED One s5


We believe in OLED. The new light.

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The first
OLED luminaire family

OMLED One s5




The square inside the round

OMLED Round f1



5 Reasons

for the new light of OMLED

  • 1. The future of light

    The combination of the OLED and OMLED technology unites innovation and craftsmanship made in Germany. High-quality materials, the precise finishing and the impressive OLED-light are the foundation of our vision to reduce luminaires to the minimum.

  • 2. Visionary design

    For the highest standards of innovation, design and material. For people who appreciate award-winning and visionary design.

  • 3. Enjoy together

    The light of the OMLED luminaires defines the space of community, fading out everything else. It simplifies focusing on the essentials; the people, food and the pleasure.

  • 4. Soft light

    The combination of OLED and satinised white glass provides the light surface with a soft appearance and creates a smooth light with mellow shades.

  • 5. Consistent & Sustainable

    Our OMLED technology allows us to forgo boards, heat sinks and diffusers. Single light sources can be easily exchanged. The luminaire's lifetime therewith exceeds the lamp's lifetime

OLED. The future light

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