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A forward-looking company should be like a studio. Excellent know-how and creativity is the foundation of intelligent product development. The demand placed on creativity is immeasurable. And creativity has no borders. Each inventive step expands the cosmos of creativity. What's important is freedom – and others who are creative.

Thomas Emde

OMLED One luminaires at a campfire


OMLED is a brand of EMDE development of light GmbH, Frankfurt am Main. As a trendsetting brand, we produce unique, premium-quality luminaires for exceptional home and work environments. Our versatile, aesthetically distinctive products are ideal for both residential and commercial use.

The OMLED luminaire families are the result of our resolve to merge design with technology, engineering skill with ingenuity. Our innovative, patented OMLED technology, with which we unify electronics and glass to create something new, is an example of how we set standards.

We specialise in unique, well-thought-out lighting solutions for quality lighting in everyday situations. We never lose sight of the well-being of those using our products, of human beings, and the conscious and subconscious need for comfortable, effective light. Our specialty is "good, people-friendly lighting". And to create it, we take advantage of state-of-the-art OLED technology and trendsetting manufacturing processes – which we combine with high-quality and sustainable materials and our entire expertise and creativity.

Emdedesign development team at a table with OLED-light

Thomas Emde and Team

Behind the brand OMLED stands the artist and visionary Thomas Emde. He is well known for his long lasting experience in creating exceptional light installations. In 1999 Thomas Emde founded emdelight with offices in Frankfurt and Qatar. Amongst other things, he created the illumination of the Commerzbank tower in Frankfurt and the Tornado Tower in Doha, Qatar.

With his company EMDE development of light GmbH, founded in 2015, Thomas Emde has reached a new harbour. Together with his (development) team, he works on consistently rethought and reconceptualised light products which combine technical perfection with sensual appeal.
Besides Emde’s artistic and technical expertise, it is above all the ambition to challenge existing solutions and to look at the implications for humankind and nature that motives the developers of EMDE development of light – and the deep belief that good light is a necessity for humans.

We combine that which serves humanity: creativity, technical knowledge, a sense of design, and love of mankind.

More about Thomas Emde at thomasemde.de

emdedesign office in the green belt of Frankfurt

EMDE development of light

EMDE development of light was founded in 2015 by Thomas Emde and stands for the development and research of innovative light solutions. The profound analysis of applications of the forward-looking OLED technology and the development of freshly interpreted LED luminaires play an important role.

Minimalistic luminaires with the latest OLED technology were developed for the brand OMLED which significantly contribute to the technical advancement for the use of OLEDs. The products of EMDE convince by a clear, reduced design and by meeting highest technical demands. In creating and implementing technical solutions, the interdisciplinary team of designers and engineers is guided by the principle “less is more”.

More about EMDE development of light at emdegmbh.com