The square inside the round



OMLED Round f1

OMLED Round combines the clear precision of the OLED technology with the smooth appearance of the round Satinato glass. The extraordinary transformation from a circular shape to a squared light field, provide a glare-free light surface. As a table or floor lamp, she captivates with her playful clarity.


The square inside the round. The front is made of high quality, satinised white glass and serves as a “light carrier”. The backside, made of white or black printed glass, is PCB, control panel and contains all electronic components and contacts for the OLED modules at the same time. Each module is individually dimmable.

OMLED Round f3 in white and black

The luminaires

Floor lamps | OMLED Round floor

OMLED Round f3 floor lamp turned on

Table lamp | OMLED Round table

OMLED Round t1 OLED table lamp on a shelf
OMLED Round t1 OLED table lamp

OMLED Round t1
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